Making Columbia Stronger

Service, Research & Workforce

We're proud of our Columbia roots and passionate about investing in the community. Whether you're interested in boosting your workforce, enhancing education, or supporting innovation, we have faculty, staff, and students who are always interested in building community partnerships. Reach out to discuss opportunities to work together. 

Leadership-Minded, Career-Ready Students

Our students are well-prepared, with 97% being employed within six months of graduation. Our mission is to educate them beyond the classroom with an emphasis on service, leadership, and social justice—making them compassionate leaders and successful employees. 

Teach of Year

Networking & Job Fairs

We regularly host networking events, career fairs, and workshops to bring students and businesses together. Interested in hosting a recruiting event or attending a job fair? Connect with us.

Community Service 

Serving Columbia and those in need is central to our mission. We're always looking for ways to connect students to meaningful community service opportunities. Do you have a recurring or one-time need our students could support? Reach out, and tell us how we can help. 

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